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Welcome to[edit]

Here's the site that answers those questions:

When did we do that show?


Who played that role last time we did the show?

How you can help:[edit]

We are missing some programs for a few past productions. Do you have a program from any of these shows? If so, I would love to borrow them to make a copy for the Arts Center's records and to add the details to this website.

  • 1969 - Mouse of Mouse Island
  • 1971 - Life With Mother
  • 1975 - Magical Faces
  • 1989 - Answers From the Center of the Universe About Things Unknown
  • 1991 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • 2006 - Best Christmas Pageant Ever (the current listings are actually from the 2008 production)

Send me an email if you have a program from any of these shows!