1990-1991 Season

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24th Season

Run for Your Wife

Production Dates: April 19, 20, 25, 26, & 27, 1991


Mary Smith: Linda Nickle
Barbara Smith: Wendy Smithwick
John Smith: Kurt Kulish
Detective Sergeant Troughton: John Norwood
Stanley Gardner: Edwin McClure
Newspaper Reporter: Bill Ashmore
Detective Sergeant Porterhouse: Frank Nickle
Bobby Franklyn: Mike Nabors

Production Staff

Director: Joe Rice
Assistant Director: Courtney Roddey
Technical Director: Chris Button
Production Supervisor: Harry Blundell
Props: Bill Ashmore
Lights: Doug Young
Sound: Chris Button
Costumes: Kathi Blundell, Peggy Harrelson
Box Office Manager: Susie Durham
Box Office Assistant: Joan Lisle
  • This is the first time the ACO has produced Run For Your Wife.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Production Dates: {enter dates here}

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Production Staff

Director: Charles Robinson

Dark at the Top of the Stairs

Production Dates: Feb. 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 1991


Rubin Flood: Jim Hendrix
Cora Flood: Patricia Brandkamp
Sonny Flood: Zachary Thompson
Reenie Flood: Christina Mason
Flirt Conroy: Amy Harwell
Morris Lacey: Bert Batchelor
Lottie Lacey: Linda Fairchild
Sammy Goldenbaum: Chris Button
Punky Givens: Jason Shaw

Production Staff

Director: Harry Blundell
Assistant Director: Sue Batchelor
Technical Director: Chris Button
Costume Designer: Kathi Blundell
Costume Construction: Peggy Harrelson, Ruth Manska
Set Design: Chris Button
Set Cew: Bettye Phillips, Doug Young, Jana Britton, Linda Button
Sound: Doug Young
Lights: Jim Plumlee, Mary Young
Props: Bill Ashmore
Box Office Manager: Susie Durham
Box Office Assistant: Joan Lisle

A Christmas Carol

Production Dates: Dec. 1, 2, 8, 9, 1990


Narrator: Beth Hendrix
Scrooge: Chris Button
Cratchit: Bert Batchelor
Collectors: C.B. Lih, Marion Abbott
Fred: Jeff Dombrowski
Young Scrooge: Jeff McDonald
Young Woman: Amanda Oelschlaeger
Marley: Bill Ashmore, Joe Rice
Christmas Past: Joy Speegle
Christmas Present: Charles Robinson
Christmas Yet to Come: Doug Young
Mrs. Cratchit: Mary Haney
Cratchit family: Jared Lowder, Christina Mason, Abby Oelschlaeger, Anita Renda, Zachary Thompson
Tiny Tim: Shawn Harwell
Mrs. Fred: Amanda Oelschlaeger
Mrs. Fred's Sister: Sue Batchelor
Topper: C.B. Lih
Charwoman: Marion Abbott
Old Joe: Joe Rice

Production Staff

Director / Designer: Harry Blundell
Assistant Director: Carol Deitermann
Technical Director: Tim Hollis
Costume Designer: Kathi Blundell
Costume Construction: Marie Crouch, Peggy Harrelson, Midge Kjol, Bette Kovach, Carol Kuehn,
Era Walker
Props: Mary Young
Set Crew: Sam Mason
Lights: Jim Plumlee
Sound: Courtney Roddey
Box Office Manager: Susie Durham
Box Office Assistant: joan Lisle

Other ACO Productions

Sing For Your Supper

(Musical Review)

Production Dates: Oct. 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 1990



Accompanist: Marilyn Lee
Percussionist: Jim Robinson

Production Staff

Director: Harry Blundell
Assistant Director: Linda Nickle
Vocal Director: Steve Lamastus
Technical Director / Lighting Design: Tim Hollis
Lighting Technicians: Judy Scott, Frank Nickle
Sound Technician: Charles Robinson
Costume Crew: Kathi Blundell, Peggy Harrelson, Bette Kovach
Box Office: Susie Durham


Production Dates: July 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 21, 1990


Aunt Eller: Sarah Thompson
Curly: David Jeffery, Jr.
Laurey: Martha Robinson
Dream Laurey: Joy Speegle
Ike Skidmore: Doug Young
Slim: Drew Baker
Fred: Boyd Darling
Will Parker: Steve Harrelson
Jud Fry: Kurt Kulish
Ado Annie: Trella King
Ali Hakim: John Maxstadt
Giggling Gertie Cummings: Beth Davies
Andrew Carnes: Bob Oswald
Cord Elam: Dan Cameron
Farmers: Bill Ashmore, David Carnes, Bob Hodges, Sam Mason, Porter Stone
Cowboys:  John Andrews, Jason Foster, Danny Lester, Joe Mills, Jim Plumlee,
Sam Jeffery
Territory Women: Gina Berquist, Kay Berry, Bonnie Boersma, Gretchen Carnes, Katy Edwards,
Connie Farris, Shawna Fuller, Carrie Grammer, Janae Harris, Linda Harwell,
Lynetta Ivey, Joy Jacoway, Gail Jefferson, Christina Mason, Cathy McConnell,
Margaret Pitts, Donna Pitts, Joy Speegle, Winnie Stith, Suzanne Sutherland,
Lisa Talbert, Laura Taylor, Rhea Williamson


Flute: Caryn Hobson
Flute: Jerri McWaters
Oboe: Nancy Walcott
Clarinet: Lynette Paasch
Clarinet: Eric Vaught
Trumpet: Mark George
Trumpet: Loree Larson
French Horn: Allen Fields
Trombone: Bill Clark
Tuba: Keith Strother
Percussion: Jim Robinson
Piano: Celice Clark

Production Staff

Production Director: Harry Blundell
Vocal Director: Steve Lamastus
Orchestra Conductor: Nancy Taylor
Choreographer: Mary Haney
Costume Design: Kathi Blundell
Rehearsal Accompanists: Celice Clark, Cathy Crouch
Assistant Director: Cathy Maxedon
Technical Director: Tim Hollis
Set Design: Harry Blundell, Liz Lester
Lighting Design: Tim Hollis
Sound: Charles Robinson
Light Crew: Judy Scott, Mark Engle, Charles Robinson, John Robinson, Angela Robinson
Stage Manager / Props: Mary Young
Costume Construction Crew: Kathi Blundell, Linda Carnes, Marie Crouch, Susie Durham, Virginia Hargrove,
Peggy Harrelson, Trella King, Midge Kjol, Bette Kovach, Cathy McConnell,
Ruth Manska, Lorraine Moore, Shirley Randall, Martha Robinson, Mary Sellers,
Gloria Sullivan, Marge Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Era Walker
Wardrobe Running Crew: Peggy Harrelson, Bette Kovach
Set Construction / Painting Crew: Harry Blundell, Tim Hollis, Garrett Hunt, Bettye Phillips, Liz Lester
Box Office Manager: Susie Durham
Box Office Crew: Tracey McJunkin, Mary Sellers

Other ACO Productions

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